Leading the way in horse health and nutrition

Equine Consulting Services was established in 2004 to be a leader in equine nutrition in Australia. Equine Consulting Services provides a range of nutritional services to horse breeders, trainers and owners delivering scientifically based, nutritional advice for all phases of horse growth, development and performance. The consultancy is held in high regard by the veterinary industry for its ability to assist in improving performance, optimising growth and reducing the risk of disease through improved nutritional and management strategies.

Based in Sydney, consulting to Australian and International clients

Equine Consulting Services is an all Australian-owned business, based in Arcadia, Sydney, NSW. Our clients include leading Thoroughbred trainers and breeders, internationally renowned Performance Horse competitors, Arabian, Quarter Horse and Sport Horse enthusiasts in addition to pleasure horse owners throughout Australia and overseas. Our business colleagues include leading equine veterinarians, universities, supplement, feed and pharmaceutical companies and racing regulatory authorities.


Dr Caroline Foote, principle consultant

The principal consultant, Dr Caroline Foote has extensive experience in both equine research and the equine industry with a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney, in addition to a Masters degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science with Honours.

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Continuing research and development in horse health and nutrition

By securing major funding grants from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and private funding bodies we remain actively involved in research in various areas of horse health including skeletal disease, tying-up, respiratory disease, equine gastric ulcer syndrome and insulin resistance.

Research Articles

drcaroline Dr Caroline Foote B.Sc.Agr.(Hons) M.App.Sc. Ph.D.