The performance horse is one of the hardest categories of horses to feed.  There are a number of nutritional factors that are of key importance when tailoring a ration.  These include:

  • Establishing the best SOURCE OF ENERGY.  Some horses will work best on a diet higher in fibre and fat, while others may benefit from a low level of grain for optimal energy levels;
  • Ensuring the diet supplies HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN.  Most performance horses won't need to be on large hand fed rations, so using higher quality protein sources may be necessary for optimal development and recovery;
  • FIBRE, FIBRE, FIBRE.  Fibre is the most critical part of the performance horse diet - however not all fibre sources are created equal;
  • The provision of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS.  A balanced diet (i.e. one that supplies essential minerals, trace minerals and vitamins at recommended levels) is key for optimal health and performance.

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Our feeding philosophy is simple:

  1. Fibre first - fibre is the first and most important part of a horse's diet;
  2. Supplement second - provide essential nutrients including minerals, trace minerals and vitamins as well as nutrients to support hoof, coat and gastrointestinal health in a controlled manner every day;
  3. Fuel for the work required - select additional feeds (if required) according to the type and amount of work the horse is doing.


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Many horse owners feel they need to use multiple supplements for their horses, however in our experience keeping it simple and focusing on the whole diet is a far more effective strategy for ensuring sustained health and performance.

Nourish-Eq Nutrition Service

Our Nourish-Eq Nutrition Service has been created specifically for the Equestrian industry.  We are here to help you put together the best diet possible for your horse.  After a lengthy discussion with you, it is our job to consider all of the issues - where the horse is located, how much work the horse is in, the breed and size of the horse, any metabolic issues and of course how much time you have as the owner to make up feeds.  A new feeding program is formulated and if supplementation is required, we include one of our Nourish-Eq pellets to balance the diet.  The service is completely free of charge and a great way of giving you the peace of mind knowing your horse's ration is balanced but also tailored to your specific needs.


Testimonial: Robbie and Dave McKinnon, McKinnon Sport Horses

"The Nourish Nutrition Service was a great way for us to gain some added assistance in our performance horse management.  We wanted to simplify our feeding programs but we also wanted to make sure we continued to use feeds from our preferred feed supplier.  Equine Consulting was able to assist us in meeting both those goals".


To request a free Nourish-Eq Nutrition Program for your horse or stable, please contact Jordan on 0432 132 880 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.