Testimonial:  Julie Farrell, Mulawa Arabians

I first met Caroline about 15 years ago, around the same time of which we purchased a property in the Hunter Valley intended for our Arabian broodmares. Arabians carry weight more easily than the majority of other breeds, and when we looked at feeds for our horses, we came across a problem where we found that the amount recommended on commercial feed bags to give the mares the recommended balanced diet would make our mares too fat.

To counter this, Caroline suggested a pasture analysis so we could evaluate the quality and content of the pasture, from which a pellet could be developed that would give the breeding mares the optimum vitamin and mineral balance they required.

At the main farm, we faced another issue, where our feed room was an absolute shemozzle - we had far too many different supplements… many of which doubled up on each other!

I asked Caroline to simplify our feeding regime as making up our daily feeds was a nightmare. As a solution, Caroline developed an “All in One” pellet for us. We still use both these specialized pellets today.

Now, each performance horse has their diet specially formulated and balanced by Caroline: an individually designed feed plan based on environment, access to pasture and level of work.

Our Arabian and dressage horses are always being complimented on their coats, while good grooms certainly help, their well-being starts from the inside. At Mulawa, we highly recommend having a diet created that is best suited to each individual horse for optimal health and performance and would not hesitate to recommend Caroline and her team at Equine Consulting Services.