Testimonial: Natalie Ramsay

My Name is Natalie Ramsay and I have proudly sponsored by Equine Consulting Services for the last 12 months.

I started out as a consumer and fell in love with the Nourish-EQ pellets as soon as I started seeing dramatic results in my horse’s performance and condition. I come from a showing background where appearance is everything, spending years trailing different products I was unhappy with what was being offered on the current market in terms of results and cost. It has always been important to me that my horses not only look great but feel amazing too, in order to perform their best at National level. 

The difference I have seen since using Nourish-EQ is astounding – shiny coats, encouraged hair growth and strong hooves to name a few. Not only has my journey been about physically seeing results, I have learnt so much about horse nutrition from the Equine Consulting Services team. I was able to get a free property nutrition analysis on all our horses, included our agistment horses. Equine Consulting Services was able to provide an unbiased opinion towards all commercial feeds and they were also able to deliver great advice. Having this service made available to us has been critical to improving our horse’s health and performance. 

Given this year has been a tricky one for competing we did manage to take our Palomino Pinto - "Zintahn Masquerade" (Blondie) to the Australian Arabian National Championship prior to COVID where she was prepped on Nourish-EQ and a balanced diet recommend by Equine Consulting Services. She took out top 5 placings in her led, and performed beautifully in her ridden components against some of the best horses in the country with class numbers exceeding 30+ horses. 

This year we have really been focussing on bringing on our newest young horse "Zintahn Cosmopolitan", starting her under saddle and implementing a correct training schedule without the added pressure and timeframe of competing. With goals set in place for 2021 being her Newcomer year and debut to showing as an Open Galloway. 

Blondie is remaining in training and upgrading her education while we look forward to 2021 seeing her compete at The Arabian East Coast Championships, Canberra Royal and Sydney Royal. With plans to take on the Dressage arena competitively the following year. 

We will continue to support and share the word of Equine Consulting Services. We genuinely believe in the importance of equine nutrition and feel 100% supported by Dr Caroline Foote and Jordan Watson if we ever have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, we hope to see you and your ponies also enjoying your own Nourish-EQ Journey!