Testimonial: Claudia Greve

My Name is Claudia Greve and I have been extremely lucky and proud to be apart of the Equine Consulting Team over the past few years. I started at as an ECS customer when searching for a complete supplement to ensure my horses were receiving the best nutritional support possible and fell in love with Dr Caroline’s balancer pellets! As a Veterinary Science Student, I always want to ensure my horses are receiving all the core vitamin and minerals and all their other essential requirements are meet. Since transitioning my team of horses to the diet recommended up the ECS team as well as the Nourish EQ pellet my horses have never looked better! The differences I have seen have been incredible – increased topline and muscle mass, healthy skin and coat and shiny coats as well as improved performance! All these results were achieved on feeding the most economical diet I have ever feed before. Less is more when feeding horses and the ECS team focuses on feeding your horse the simplest and cost-effective feeding regime for the best results possible! I wouldn’t feed my team of horses anything else since I’ve experienced the incredible results of Nourish EQ!

My current team of horses consists of Aria and Twix. Aria is a 11-year-old Warmblood Pony that is a very successful dressage pony that is training elementary/medium level. Sadly due to the circumstances of this year we haven’t had the chance to compete but last year we had a very successful season where Aria was prepped on Nourish EQ and was awarded scores of up to 73% in novice level dressage as well as numerous young rider and pony dressage championships and we were also awarded Finalist Young Rider of Year at our Dressage Awards Night.

During the downtime of the COVID situation I’ve had the time to begin retraining my Warmblood Mare, Twix who has various vices undersaddle. With the goal of retraining Twix to become the most confident and calm version of herself I have taken an interest into horsemanship and I am currently growing my skill set in this area and having great success so far! My goals for Twix in 2021 are get her out and about competing in official dressage and Newcomer Show Hunter Hack classes. Also, to keep her mind active I will also be dabbling in some working equitation, Prix Caprilli, trick training, trail riding and everything else in between!

If you are looking to improve your horses’ diet, I’d definitely recommend contacting Dr Caroline Foote and Jordan Watson for all your Equine Nutrition needs!!

Claudia Greve